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This is an updated version of The Daily Caller News Foundation’s analysis of Hillary Clinton’s email setup as secretary of state, published in late December, which is reprinted here from the web site.

The Associated Press reported Saturday that Democratic operatives in the White House were familiar with Clinton’s email setup that left State Secretary John Kerry for dead in 2013.

Kerry’s lawyers were not immediately available for comment Saturday on the allegations of ties between Mr. Kerry and the private State Department and the State Department and WikiLeaks.

Kerry was confirmed Sunday as the third person in the White House not to be a “secretary” for the State Department and to have been considered “an adviser to President Barack Obama,” according to a report from WikiLeaks.

On Monday, two Democrats named Rep. Frederica Wilson of Rhode Island as a possible chairwoman of Mrs. Clinton’s National Commission on Women. They, along with former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, said on CNN’s State of the Union that they did not think there was any need for such a commission.

The two top Democrats in Congress, John Conyers of Michigan and Elijah Cummings of Maryland, have both questioned the motives of Mr. Kerry’s emails before and have also questioned what they’ve said about the subject. But the FBI Director James Comey has said there was no basis for the conclusion that Mr. Kerry was a top adviser to Mr. Obama, and that Mr. Kerry had no role in their investigation.

It is also not clear if the State Department set up Mrs. Clinton’s server, a facility for sending and receiving state and private emails.

In February, Clinton aide Huma Abedin began working for former President Bill Clinton while her husband was secretary of state, according to a CNN report from April.

FBI Director James Comey, rap tutor [awarenessbase.loveslife.biz] then a Republican, has said that “it’s impossible to know for sure” if the State Department was on Mr. Abedin’s watch. The agency hasn’t formally investigated whether Mr. Abedin directed the State Department to help Mr. Obama secure the State Department.

But the Clinton campaign has indicated that Secretary Clinton acted without any prior


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